Once upon a time a random eruption blocked a river's flow to create an astonishing sight: a relatively narrow body of water sprinkled with tens of tiny islands, surrounded by green hills and guarded from a distance by the very same volcano that probably created it. What Nature delivered, we are making it even prettier at Nature's Prime Island.

Name: Lake Bunyonyi "the place of many little birds"
Location: south-western Uganda, Kabale District (6 km from Kabale town)
Altitude: 1,950m
Size: 25 km x 7 km
Number of islands: 29
Depth: 44m (900 m according to some sources)
Water temperature: up to 25 degrees Celsius
Health information no bilharzia or dangerous animals (safe for swimming)

For you who wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, from the hectic city life and find heaven in a wild place, Nature's Prime Island in Bunyonyi is the right place.
The island is an Eco-tourism site in the heartland of Western Uganda. It offers you a unique vantage point from which you experience the beauty and majesty of Mother Nature's ability in an African setting.
We assure you to be woken up with the call of nature (birds), not from the morning rush hour. Our well designed rooms have a picturesque view of the lake, mountains and terraces which cover every slope.

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